Penis Envy Mushrooms



A friend of Magic Mushrooms Shop wrote this fantastic magic mushroom trip report on Penis Envy. This level 5 trip is totally worth the time of reading. You’ll see all the things that these fantastic magic mushrooms are willing to show to you if you accept the invitation.

Penis Envy is one of the most famous magic mushrooms strains. Maybe you are thinking that this is just because the name is so remarkable and because the phallus form, but these are not the main reasons. The Penis Envy is a powerful variety very appreciated by experienced psychonauts.
Penis Envy is definitely the cubensis growers aspiration mainly because of the fat and potency of the mushroom! Additionally, they have an inclination to drag out with the substrate a great deal much easier than other cubensis so you don’t need to decimate your casing or substrate pulling out a monstrous flush.
The Penis Envy Cubensis isn’t shy about its quite a few virtues. For shamanic journeys, vision quests and deeply mystical ordeals, you’ll find few strains that appear near this one particular. It offers a deeply trans-formative practical experience that is certainly not for your timid.

All Proportions had been indistinguishable from one another and defied linguistic clarification. At just one position I shut one eye and left another open up to experiment. I had been midway inside the internal dimension and outer dimension but then it got to a point in which it didn’t make a difference. Eyes opened or closed, I used to be entirely transfigured and enveloped inside hyperspace. It appeared that most of the dimensional realms have been equally macrocosmic and microcosmic simultaneously.


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